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Filming in Madagascar: streamlining the filming permit application process with a single click

Securing a filming permit in Madagascar becomes a seamless process when Filming in Madagascar manages the application on your behalf...

If you're planning to travel to Madagascar for filming purposes, you'll need a permit. Filming in Madagascar has developed a straightforward process for productions to submit their documents with ease. Our one-click application system ensures a fast, reliable, and easy process for obtaining your Madagascar filming permit.

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Filming in Madagascar : the use of a filming permit is vital, but the locals approval on being is, likewise, an imperative

What are the costs associated with obtaining a filming permit in Madagascar? How long does it typically take to secure a filming permit? What documents are required when applying for a filming permit in Madagascar? Which Malagasy authority is responsible for processing and issuing filming permits? Are additional permits necessary for filming in locations such as national parks, hospitals, abandoned houses, or villages? What are the guidelines for filming specific cultural practices? Is drone filming permitted without a filming permit?

Seeking how to respond to filming permit application requirements can easily be a burden. Producers looking for prerequisite list of documents to send up for a filming permit application to film in Madagascar would rather hire a local facilitator to get reliable and updated information.

While filmmakers can't wait to have their creative ideas on a set, producers needs to think ahead of the shooting to position the production on the safest side with the right permits to get to comply with Madagascar's regulations so the crew can focus on the set only.

The flow of information, disinformation, or obsolete articles to find out the process to apply for a film permit in Madagascar may be strenuous, lot of energy loss and questions still unanswered, or vague answers that doesn't help. After long research, productions ignore process and eligibility factors to apply for a filming permit in a permit where they never shot previously. Paperwork may not be the only reason why producers expect to find an appropriate a local assistance : the process require that the documents be tabled to appropriate for examination and approval. This is when Filming in Madagascar services is absolutely necessary. 

Even if processing the national filming permit is a simple and smooth procedure, it is vital to have a contact on location to follow up the status of the filming permit application; it underlines to have someone around able to ask for an appointment with the local  authorities if any issue happens.

In Madagascar, the Ministère de la Communication et de la Culture MCC (Minister of Communication and Culture) regulates filming permit laws applicable, through the ISSM (media regulatory authority) which receives the filming application from both foreign and local production companies. The Aviation Civile de Madagascar (ACM) -Madagascar's civil aviation authority- receives and delivers application for drone permit, even if productions hire a local drone pilot licensed (Filming in Madagascar strongly recommends this option).

Having Filming Madagascar as a local representative is a great value for productions, not only to start film production process in a timely and compliant manner, but also to have a local facilitator to deal with administrative paperwork, understand local regulations and fix almost any issue related. Local language, common practices are better known by a local film professional, and the main advantage of Filming in Madagascar's team is to be familiar with protocols, language, do's and dont's to deal with the procedures, the authorities related to the obtention of the filming permit application.

If, in addition to the national filming permit, any other authorization or approval is vital to lock the shoot, Filming in Madagascar can take action promptly on behalf of production to have all the necessary compliance sorted.

Filming in Madagascar, in partnership with Madagascar Fixer, has simplified this process to provide producers with fast and relevant answers to the questions they have about filming permit in Madagascar.


Productions first need to send their brief through this form. It's an instantaneous way to dive in the lines of a project and understand which permissions will have to be applied for.

Send your brief in a click here. Some producers may prefer the classic way : send us an email to

Filming in Madagascar will contact you to confirm the brief details and to answer to your questions. Live chat through Filming in Madagascar website will ,be available shortly. After this step, producers will be able to send their documents to start application process with this link

WHEN : Send brief/documents soon as possible ! The sooner, the better.

HOW LONG : Depending on the production scale, National filming permit can be obtained 2 to 10 days after the documents are submitted to  relevant authorities.

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