Madagascar still needs reliable rental houses... Filming in Madagascar fixes the issue

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Renting gear locally: a reliability challenge solved by Filming in Madagascar

The use of BLACK MAGIC cameras is the most common offer when sourcing for a camera in Madagascar... Lights and gimbal are, for example, a tricky process if you're not linked to an appropriate network. Filming in Madagascar succeded to extend options for gear rental... and reliable technicians and film crew. Here's how...

The rental house practice in Madagascar is tricky. It makes a hectic process to run from a gear provider to another one. The country is not yet provided with the regular do's and dont's of the industry when it comes to gear rental and suppliers ethics and processes. The capital city, Antananarivo, is where most of the film equipment can be found. The most risky sourcing is, with no doubt, Facebook, where many wannabes offer to rent camera and gear without being professionnally approved or known.

Undoubtedly, Madagascar poses a unique set of challenges for those seeking to secure equipment and establish enduring supplier relationships.

One of the complicating factors is the presence of individuals who prioritize their ownership of cameras over their role as dedicated gear suppliers. This dual role has, on occasion, led to frustrating experiences for producers who have invested in equipment rentals, only to be met with issues such as malfunctioning gear, depleted batteries, or damaged light wires.

Professional clients facing rental house wannabe has witnessed its fair share of unfortunate incidents, prompting a strong call for vigilance among production services companies. It is imperative for these companies to exercise due diligence in assessing the credibility and integrity of gear rentals to prevent any association with those that might carry an aura of questionable intentions or dubious practices.

Filming in Madagascar has conducted a comprehensive diagnosis of the primary considerations essential for addressing the equipment rental challenge and catalyzing the transformation of Madagascar into an authentic and formidable contender within the global film industry :

- Fragmented supply chain: Unlike many established film industry hubs, Madagascar's equipment rental market lacks the convenience of centralized suppliers. Filmmakers often find themselves navigating between multiple suppliers to source various pieces of equipment, from lighting to mounts, which can lead to logistical complexities and delays in their projects.

- Lack of industry norms: Madagascar's film sector is burgeoning but hasn't yet developed a set of industry-wide norms and standards for gear rental. This means that clients must exercise caution and diligence to ensure they are receiving reliable, high-quality equipment. The only common solution for now is to import their own gear and send a wish-list for equipment to Filming in Madagascar to connect with their trusted suppliers.

- Regional concentration: The majority of film equipment providers are centered in the capital city, Antananarivo. While this may be advantageous for those operating in and around the city, it can pose challenges for filmmakers working in more remote areas of Madagascar, requiring additional time and effort for transportation.

- Risky online platforms: Particularly concerning is the sourcing of equipment through online platforms like Facebook, where non-professionals, often with no industry recognition or credentials, offer rentals. This poses a considerable risk to clients, as they may not receive the professional-grade equipment they need for their projects. Filming in Madagascar firmly recommends to industry professionals NOT to process to rental though Facebook or any social media...

Filming in Madagascar, in partnership with Madagascar Fixer, has simplified the process to provide producers with fast and relevant answers to the questions they have about renting realiable equipment with certified requipment owners in Madagascar.

HOW, WHERE : Productions first need to send their brief through this form. It's an instantaneous way to dive in the lines of the gear needs and understand which logistics will have to be provided with.

Send your brief in a click here. Some producers may prefer the classic way : send us an email to

Filming in Madagascar will contact you to confirm the brief details and to answer to your questions. Live chat through Filming in Madagascar website will ,be available shortly. After this step, producers will be able to send their documents to start application process with this link

WHEN : Send film equipment requirements soon as possible ! The sooner, the better.

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